kitchen-building-services-pollensaDo you have a company that you wish to use for a project but you will not be around to supervise it?

We offer a complete building project management service which can be tailored to your needs,
from emailing you anything from a simple progress report to a detailed one including photos of ongoing work.
We can also organize payments, translate your ideas to your contractor and so on.





Among our projects we have build, renovate and/ or organize: swimming pools, radiant floors, windows replacements, total renovations, complete refurbishments, etc…

Why you should contract our project management services?

  • We have decades of experience in construction and pre-empt many potential problems before they arise
  • We are experienced in programming project schedules
  • We carry insurance for any issues encountered during the project
  • Payments and cash flow of the trades are the our responsibility
  • Our range of contacts and materials obtained are extensive and reliable
  • We take time at the estimate stage to ensure you receive an accurate costing for your project
  • Logistics and day-to-day running will be efficient and timely, and the site left clean and safe each day as part of the contractor’s modus operandi.
  • Regular payments agreed by all parties involved ensure no delays in project completion