7 Great Reasons To Finally Renovate Your Home

7 Great Reasons To Finally Renovate Your Home

Why You Should Renovate Your Home

Renovate your home in Mallorca: Most people have a million excuses why now is not the right time to renovate their homes. However, after spending many years living inside it, several aspects may need updating and shown that little bit more attention and love.

Renovations could include subtle improvements, redecorating, extending or redesigning a home, all of which our team at Paul Robinson Renovation and Construction have mastered. Remember that one of the best benefits of owning a property is the ability to renovate it in the way that you desire. Renovations can also add value, improve its curb appeal and even improve your lifestyle.

If you are considering going forward with a renovation project, we give you seven great reasons to make that leap in faith and finally renovate your home.

7 Great Reasons To Finally Renovate Your Home

1. Saving you the cost of moving

If you truly are in love with your home, it is easier to renovate it than to sell and buy another property. This is because a renovation is a cost-effective option as you will avoid spending money on legal fees, an agent’s commission or other expenses associated with the process. However, it is important that you ensure that whatever adjustments you make create a lasting benefit to your home and lifestyle.

2. Better returns on investment property

Alternatively, if your goal is to put your house up for sale or rent, a home renovation can help you to attract more buyers and attain a greater profit. It can also mean that you can  charge a higher rent to prospective tenants. For sales, it is important to make renovations that will broaden its market appeal, and if for rent, renovations should make it more appealing to those that will live in it.

Want to find out how to add value to your home? Just follow our top four tips to boost your property’s price tag.

3. Restoring its beauty

Homes can really be at their most stunning when renovated. If your property was built many years ago, like many homes in Mallorca, it will likely feature some jaw-dropping architectural designs – so taking the time to renovate it could reinstate its former beauty. Although old structures sometimes present major challenges, working with the right company such as Paul Robinson Renovation and Construction, will allow you to make functional changes that will turn out to be very important investments.

4. Extra level of safety

If you have lived in your house for several years, there may be some aspects that have become damaged, and renovating will give your property that extra level of safety. This factor should always be paramount, so it should be every homeowner’s duty to make it their responsibility. It could be installing a new roof or replacing old appliances and changing them for more intelligent kinds. No matter what adjustments you make, it is important that your house is always a secure living place.

5. Increase property value

For those that want to embark on a renovation with the aim of attracting buyers, the project should be well executed to accomplish that goal. Renovations are a sure way to guarantee an increase in its value. Speak to our team today to get advice on features that potential buyers are seeking. In this way you will be able to increase the value of your property by more than the cost that you will spend renovating it.

We have compiled 3 ideas for a kitchen renovation that will be sure to guarantee an increase on your property’s price tag.


6. Adding comfort

Being truly comfortable in your home is extremely important and you will want to live somewhere that you will always look forward to going back to at the end of the day. One thing we have learnt is that renovations can create an unparalleled level of comfort. If you reside in a new development, it is most likely that it will have all of the fundamental features that will generate this. However, as a property becomes aged, its comfort will decline and thus restoring this should be an essential factor to push you into making a renovation.

7. An eco-friendly home

More and more homeowners are now opting to renovate their homes so that they can become more environmentally friendly. There are many modifications that one can make such as installing solar panels or investing in more efficient insulation. Although making these changes will be an added expense at first, you will save money in the long run. Energy-efficient appliances are also proven to be one of the best ways to cut down on your utility bills.

Lowering our impact on the environment is a team effort and the best place to start? Our homes! Read our tips to make your house in Mallorca greener

Renovating your home with Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation

Paul Robinson is a construction and renovation company in Mallorca, made up of a team of bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians with a host of other tradesmen involved in the project from start to finish. The involvement of an experienced team ensures that no corners are cut and the work is completed within the agreed timelines.

Among our projects we have built and renovated to completion: several high-end villas, few luxury boutique hotels and many other properties like townhouses and apartments.

If you want to make an upgrade to your property, get in touch with our team today. 

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