architecture mallorca


Paul Robinson works with a team of architects and building engeneers that develop and execute all kinds of architecture commissions.

  • New Construction of all types of buildings
  • Renovation and Interior Design
  • Modernization, Refurbishment and Enlargements
  • Urban planning information

Our team work throughout all phases of an architectural project, from the initial idea to final interior decoration and furniture, through the development and drafting of the Basic Project and Execution Project, the structure calculation, Security and Coordination Study and Health, and Construction Management, thereby obtaining a better result for the client, since all stages of the Project may be related and maintain the same concept.

Our method begins on the thoroughness of the program of customer needs, and we will develop the project looking for the best combination of design, functionality, and strict budget control.
We see architecture as human, sustainable, functional, creative, and adapted to the requirements of each particular case.
We plan, develop and execute all kinds of architectural commissions, primarily integrated architecture projects. Architecture responds to the surrounding environment, to social needs and to the customer requirements.
The project must be developed based on a strong concept in order to connect every small detail to the initial concept. From the start to the crucial phase of the project management. 

The final success is based on an intense dialogue with the client and with every person involved in the process.