Arquinesia – Decadent Scents For Your Home

Arquinesia – Decadent Scents For Your Home

Having spent many years building and renovating homes in Mallorca for our clients, we often noticed something subtle was missing. Whilst the rooms looked effortlessly wonderful, mastering the harmony between furnishings, colours, light and space, the way that they smelt was often out of sync with everything else.

Scent is such an intrinsic part of experiencing a place which can be directly linked to a memory, mood or experience. Good scents are indicators of positive energy, incorporating natural and genuine elements that nurture the well-being of your home.

This is exactly the reason why we celebrate Arquinesia’s scents, all made from locally-sourced ingredients. A magical aroma that is captured in their authentic collection, inspired and made out of love for the Balearic Islands.

Arquinesia – Decadent scents to complete your home

Arquinesia’s scents are simply intoxicating. Their ability to capture a moment not just through smell but also with sight, is one of the many reasons why this Mallorca based brand is so extraordinary.

Arquinesia is a play on words. Arquipélago, Spanish for archipelago, and Gymnesia, the ancient name of the Balearics and this focus on Mallorca’s rich history permeates in each of their products.

Each scent is endowed with an individual story filled with passion and evoking the beauty and magnificence of the fragrances. Something so special that it cannot be found anywhere else.


Adding comfort to your home

Achieving mindfulness at home is all about creating a space that suits your lifestyle and needs. So, when transforming an interior, it is not just about its aesthetic but the overall feeling of a space where scents make up a huge part of our emotions.

Fragrance is often overlooked and underestimated as an integral part of every home. Scents evoke feelings and this is why we champion the need for our clients to surround themselves with fragrances that bring them joy.

It is essential to select a home fragrance of the highest quality such as the expertly created scents at Arquinesia. They will invite you to reimagine a heartwarming experience every time you step through your door.

Arquinesia philosophy

Arquinesia was established as a result of its founder’s travels in the Balearic Islands and the multifaceted scents that the region encapsulates.

A passion for photography enabled their eye for beauty where a love for fragrances defines the values of their Scent Collection.

Every detail is meticulously showcased within Arquinesia. From their packaging, which is literally a piece of artwork itself, to their products, which are all made from ingredients found in Mallorca.

Scent Collection

Arquinesia’s current collection has been years in the making and includes five scents: Sea Breeze, Orange, Fig, Secret Garden and Scent of History.

Each line has six gender neutral products including eau de parfum, liquid soap, shower gel, hand and body lotion, bar soap and scented candles. The products are made with organic essential oils where their liquid soap, gel and lotion are 100% vegan.

Once incorporated into your home you will long to stay within your new oasis of positive energy and harmony.

Evoking sensory experiences

Fragrance has the ability to add depth and character to every space. It can totally transport you to another place, be it an adventure within the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, a meadow of almond trees, or a breezy walk beside the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s so easy to bring a decadent, natural and meaningful sensory experience into your home. Whether you are delving into a complete renovation or just want to add a finishing touch to complement your interior design, scent is definitely our best kept secret.

Adding a touch of luxury to every day

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of using fragrances at home. Scent is an important pleasure we often take for granted, adding a unique piece of luxury to any space.

Picture this. You walk into a perfectly appointed home that is freshly decorated with beautiful fixtures and furnishings where there is simply nothing out of place.

Now image walking into the same space with an undeniable smell that awakens your senses and leaves you immediately calmed. The first example was wonderful indeed, but the second adds a whole new dimension of pleasure to your experience.

Through the magic keyhole

Arquinesia’s flagship store is tucked away in the centre of Palma de Mallorca. Aptly named ‘The Secret Place’ for its almost unnoticeable door, a whole new sensory journey awaits you inside.

Their visual and olfactory blend entices customers to pass through the intriguing halls and staircases of a beautiful restored building that the store is housed in. Every room is carefully curated with a single scent as its focal point, leading visitors into a bright and airy showroom that showcases all of Arquinesia’s collections.

Find more about Arquinesia by visiting their website.

Photography by Pernilla Danielsson.

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