Read this before starting a bathroom remodel in Mallorca

Read this before starting a bathroom remodel in Mallorca

Inspirational bathroom remodel in Mallorca

Thinking of starting a bathroom remodel in Mallorca?

Whether you have a simple powder room or a grand en-suite, functionality and beauty should be at the heart of a bathroom remodel in Mallorca. A renovation of this particular space will be a significant home improvement project and for this reason it is crucial to hire an experienced contractor that is able to create the perfect space to the highest of standards, meeting all of your needs and desires.

If you are looking for some home decor inspiration, we share some of our stunning beautiful bathrooms which our experienced team at Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation can design especially for you in your home.

Using the highest grades of materials, our products masterfully adapt to different environments in order to fully satisfy the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Get the look with our beautiful bathroom remodels

There is something so very special about our carefully curated bathroom remodels in Mallorca. A custom bathroom is very much an extension of you, reflecting your style, tastes and personality, where just walking into this space has the ability to fill you with untold bliss and tranquility.

When we find ourselves in such a bathroom, it’s compelling to be overwhelmed with sensations of positivity and calm, and although it’s often subconscious, we’re drawn to bathrooms that have been very thoughtfully designed.

From its fixtures and fittings, tiles, appliances, bathtubs and basins, at Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation we can design and provide everything for your dream bathroom that you will love for years to come.

Higest grades of natural materials

When building a new home in Mallorca or undertaking a renovation, the majority of homeowners may resort to standard fittings that are mass produced in a factory. These bathrooms consist of ordinary designs that have no character of their own, created only for their practical use, while ignoring their effect on the body, mind and soul.

Our custom bathrooms however require more time and effort to design where our extraordinary fixtures and fittings are sourced from specialised artisans who put their heart into every beautifully handmade product.

Our stunning range of wooden and natural stone furnishings are imported directly from a renowned Spanish studio. Through this we are able to create inspirational and luxury bathrooms, keeping a keen eye on the latest design trends to offer bespoke solutions for our clients.

It is often said that it can be the small details that make the biggest difference for a bathroom remodel in Mallorca.

Finest luxury interiors

We do ask a lot from our bathrooms. Not only do we expect them to look like a beautiful personal oasis, but they have to stand up to lots of use. That is why it’s fundamental to choose your bathroom building materials wisely.

Bathroom countertops are an area worth investing in. Avoid inexpensive laminates and choose quality finishes such as marble or solid quartz. These are ultra durable, come in an array of colours, and never need sealing. A sheet of beautiful tempered also glass does wonders for a bathroom, creating a wonderful open feeling that will last forever.

Many homeowners are opting for walk-in showers these days, but it’s still good to have at least one tub in your home. Cast iron tubs coated with porcelain enamel are extremely durable, hold heat well, and have a nice solid feel underfoot.

For the ultimate in durability, the wet bathroom concept is a must. These types of bathrooms allow for open, modern layouts without the need for shower curtains or glass doors.

A bathroom remodel in Mallorca can be an exciting opportunity to make an upgrade to create a space you’ve always longed of having. However, doing it right requires you to think carefully about what you and your family both need and want.

Would you like an impressive bathtub or would a grand walk-in shower be suited to your needs? Are you looking to add value to your property, or do you want to build a luxury master suite that you can really enjoy throughout your retirement?

While our inspired images can help give you some visual ideas, it can be difficult to pull the entire look together when you don’t know how to properly prepare. We all wish it could be as easy as waving a magic wand, but unfortunately it takes a lot of time, planning, expertise and hard work to achieve the ideal aesthetic you want.

Don’t feel you have to go it alone and get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas. We will be happy to help you plan the next steps and create the bathroom of your dreams.


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