Can Aulí Luxury Retreat

Can Aulí Luxury Retreat

Situated in the charming town of Pollença lies Can Aulí Luxury Retreat, a beautiful hotel steeped in history and which is nestled between the dazzling Mediterranean Sea and the iconic Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

Housed in a 17th-century building, the property has undergone a masterful renovation by the skilful team at Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation where a deep respect has been paid to the building’s original architecture while still enhancing its existing charm.

This in itself brings guests closer to an authentic experience of Mallorca and is illustrative of exactly what the building and design team can achieve with their professionalism, expertise and an undeniable passion.

Can Aulí Luxury Retreat in Mallorca

A unique concept

The concept of the hotel is certainly original and compelling. The establishment, of Mallorcan ownership, has been designed to reduce its overall environmental impact on the island which is cherished by locals and residents alike.

The hotel has also gone one step further by making a firm commitment to promote a healthy and mindful lifestyle, prioritising the use of local and organic produce as well as reducing its use of single-use plastics by replacing them with sustainable and responsible alternatives.

A masterful renovation

Our team at Paul Robinson, a company with a wealth of experience in redesigning and creating homes and hotels across the island of Mallorca, were tasked with the renovation of the building. Here, we successfully created a manorial home that has exceeded all expectations of our clients.

The transformation was made complete thanks to the talent of Architect Luis Fernández, where artist Jaume Roig showcased impressive pieces of his work throughout the hotel. The establishment now sits firmly under IT Mallorca Unique Spaces – a brand of hotels, restaurants and luxury concierge services that offers exceptional experiences.

As well as complementing the surrounding landscape, which is breathtaking in every sense, the establishment now has all the amenities that one would expect in a luxury hotel that remain unique and are drenched in beauty.

Transforming spaces


The rooms are fundamentally one of the most special elements of the hotel, each designed to exude utter sophistication and provide guests with an inherent feeling of luxury.

Deluxe rooms

The hotel has a selection of divine deluxe rooms which overlook an elegant courtyard. Once opening the large windows in each room, a refreshing breeze will sweep in blown down from the spectacular Serra de Tramuntana mountains, declared a World Heritage Site in 2011.

Decorated in a Mediterranean infused style, each room is fully equipped with all the essential amenities for guests to enjoy the utmost level of comfort. Each has been carefully decorated to exude a modern design which has inspired by local architectural traditions and that also boasts a beautiful terrace to enjoy the surrounding views.

Neutral tones have been selected to allow each room to have a real feeling of spaciousness while at the same time providing a peaceful and luxurious ambience. Gorgeous woven rugs and throw on blankets are the finishing touch of the room, where gran beds make for the perfect addition to the wooden slated floors.

Premium rooms

The premium rooms are not only very bright and spacious, but showcase views of the old part of Pollença. In addition to offering every amenity to help guests to relax and unwind as well as a charming private terrace. The designers have paid special attention to detail in the decor following an alluring Mediterranean style.

Can Aulí Suite

The master suite at Can Aulí, the only one of its kind at the hotel, has been designed with the highest standard of attention to ensure its guests can experience an unparalleled and exclusive stay. Divided into two areas, the suite includes a magnificent private terrace overlooking the old part of Pollença which allows light to flow through the entire room.

Outdoor areas

The stunning hotel features a wonderful outdoor area situated next to its lush gardens where one can enjoy a deeply relaxing experience that is caressed by the breeze and aromas wafting down from the mountains.

Gorgeous flooring, made from the finest materials in Mallorca, allows the terrace to complement the stone walls of the hotel as well as the nature that surrounds it. Encircled by inviting day beds is the extensive pool that is perfect for a dip on a beautiful summer’s day.

In addition, there is also a wonderful seating space decorated in rich, earthy hues for one to sit back and relax, made better with a cocktail in hand. The area’s comfortable seating and stools have each been carefully sourced and make for a gorgeous place to unwind under the shade of the terrace’s trees.

For breakfast, Can Aulí’s garden provides an exceptional gastronomical experience, where their traditional Mallorcan-style open kitchen will allow guests to feel right at home. Not one detail, from spacing to furnishings, for this important moment of the day has been overlooked at the hotel.


Walking through the doors of Can Auli Luxury Retreat can only be described as dream-like. The grand entrance with floor to ceiling doors takes you to a beautiful reception area that is both light and airy. The property’s original wooden beams remain, each restored to reveal its true splendour and pained in an earthy tone to bring the hotel back to its historic roots.

The impressive artwork on the wall, which one’s eyes are drawn to immediately, has been created at the hands of the great Mallorcan artist Jaume Roig. Roig is best known for his ceramic sculptures and paintings made with different clays and natural pigments – some of which are presented throughout the hotel – where organic forms are a constant feature of his work.

Spa area

With a focus on health and rejuvenation, Can Aulí has created a space for relaxation and balancing both the body, mind and soul at their hotel. Here there is a variety of treatments which have been designed to revitalise one’s health, based on ancient therapies and philosophies fused with modern techniques.

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