Cocolico Flowers and Garden Design in Mallorca

Cocolico Flowers and Garden Design in Mallorca

Cocolino – Stunning Flowers and Garden Design in Mallorca

Cocolino create stunning bouquets of flowers for every occasion. Whether it is for your dream wedding or to brighten up an interior of a house in Mallorca, their beautiful variety of blooms and attention to detail is unparalleled.

Hand in hand with their floristry services, the founders also offer garden design in Mallorca. And with any project, planning is one of the most important elements to success and can help you save time and money. With their extensive experience and detailed knowledge of plants and horticulture, understanding the landscape and natural environment, it means that all eventualities are considered,

With all that being said, we have the great pleasure in featuring a very talented florist, Cynthia Loïs Bastida Espinar from Cocolico Flowers & Garden Design in Mallorca.

Creating beautiful bouquets in Mallorca

Tell us about your journey in the world of garden design and floristry…

I have held a love for plants and flowers for a very long time. My parents own a gardening design company which meant that I was always been surrounded by plants since I was a child. That love grew little by little and at the age of 16 I started working with my parents. Through this I have been able to learn a great deal.

At 21 I started studying floristry graduating from the University of La Salle in Barcelona. The truth is that I could not have been happier here as I was surrounded by so much beauty.

What are the core values ​​of your business?

There are many – Total transparency to the client. Commitment in all of the works. Responsibility to the environment and professionalism when taking care of every detail. But above all quality.

Where do you find inspiration from?

I find much inspiration from some of the greatest florists in Spain and from around the world. I also adore wild and natural flower arrangements.

What led you to start Cocolico Flowers and what services do you offer?

Well, a flower led me to another flower, but in all honesty, what made me jump into the industry was seeing that people liked what I was doing. They appreciated my arrangements and that I offered personalised attention.

You create beautiful bouquets and decorations for special occasions such as weddings in Mallorca. How do you go about creating the perfect display?

First of all, I think that each couple is different. They have different tastes and experiences so no two weddings are the same. Therefore it is best to first meet the bride and groom where we can then talk about what they like, what style they prefer and so on and so forth. Small details may seem insignificant but they are not when creating wedding decorations. This is so that each couple’s dreams can come true.


The best bouquet recommendations for a wedding?

Each bride is unique, that is why each bouquet has to be the perfect companion to the bride.

What advice would you share with couples when it comes to thinking about flowers for their wedding?

Above all, let them advise you. Open your mind and enjoy the whole process.

Garden design in Mallorca

When did you discover your love for garden design?

My parents gardening company has influenced me greatly as mentioned earlier. For me, seeing a house without a garden is as if they had forgotten to add colour to life. Plants are light and joy and that’s why a good garden will always make a house look better.

Is there a particular material or plant that you like to work with the most?

For both floristry and garden design in Mallorca I really love natural and wild elements. I also have a great adoration for English gardens.

What would you suggest to those who want to transform a small garden in Mallorca?

My best advice would to be to trust in us. They must have an open mind as sometimes we lock ourselves in an idea but there are a thousand and one possibilities and combinations.

What is your most dreamed project?

To never stop creating. This is all that I want.

What do you like to do most when you are not creating beautiful bouquets and gardens?

I like many things. I love to cook, to paint … but if I had to stay with a serious head it is travel. It is a sphere that interests and inspires me. Seeing other cultures, smells… savouring every moment. All those things inspire me at the time of creating a garden or flower arrangement.

Do you always have fresh flowers at home and which is your favorite?

Yes, I always do. For me a house without flowers is incomplete and lacks a spark. When it comes to my favourite flower, it is the magnolia – a spectacular flower with an incredible aroma.


How do you weigh ethical challenges when it comes to sourcing fresh flowers and plants in Mallorca?

Living on an island makes everything much more complicated. However, we try to buy the maximum amount of the national flowers. Importantly, we try to make everything we do have the least possible environmental impact. This includes not using floral sponges in our arrangements and using the least amount of plastic possible.

Are there any types of flowers or plants that are proving particularly popular this year?

In general all flowers and plants with a rural or wild aspect.

If you are interested in receiving a beautiful bouquet for an interior, wedding display or want to to transform your garden, get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas.

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