ed by Paul Robinson and Noemí Álvarez, a husband and wife team – who between them have years of experience in development, property management, contracting, design and marketing – they are able to provide a high level of personalized attention to ensure that their clients requirements are met in the best way possible.

Paul Robinson is a British, qualified project manager in Mallorca. Having lived on the island for over twenty years he is fluent in both English and Spanish. Since arriving in Mallorca, he has been working in construction projects spanning commercial to residential. Therefore, he has acquired a wealth of experience as a developer and contractor.

PAUL ROBINSON - Renovation & Construction in Mallorca

Noemí Alvarez, born in Mallorca, has a background in marketing and design. After working internationally in finance and marketing, she’s pursuing her passion for interior design. Working with established furniture brands, Noemí takes care of every last detail to create not just a house but a home. From fittings and fixtures down to furniture, Paul Robinson SL provides turnkey solutions for new homes and renovations.

The involvement of an experienced team ensures that no corners are cut and the work is completed within the agreed timelines. With an excellent reputation island-wide, you can count on competence, reliability and trustworthiness.

Luxury Construction Services in Mallorca

So, if you are thinking about building a property in Mallorca, or you would like to renovate your property to enhance its appeal and practicality, Paul Robinson SL is the ultimate solution for you to achieve your desired results.