First 5 Things To Consider When Redecorating Your Living Room in Mallorca

First 5 Things To Consider When Redecorating Your Living Room in Mallorca

Redecorating Your Living Room in Mallorca

There’s no denying it, redecorating your living room in Mallorca can be an overwhelming feeling. The easy answer of course is to hire an interior designer to help, but even if that is not immediately on the cards, there are some important things to consider to essentially get it right.

When designing your living space, it’s very important to get the focal pieces laid down correctly the first time. This will lay the foundation for the room, leaving you to add the last layer of personality and style later. For this reason, we show you our top tips for first five things to consider when redecorating your living room in Mallorca. If you start with these pieces, you’ll be well on your way to a gorgeous and functional room.

5 Things To Consider When Re-Decorating Your Living Room in Mallorca

Start with an area rug

Area rugs do much more than literally warming your feet. As well as adding a splash of pattern or colour, they also work to lay the grand scheme of a living room. Rugs can not only define a space, help with noise levels, but they also make a room feel a whole lot cosier. And the great thing is there is so much choice to give your living room a truly luxury feel. We love tonal textured fabrics or a thick woven piece.

Next -quality seating

The seating you have in your living room in Mallorca will be your biggest investment by far, and that’s exactly the way that it should be. Comfort may be the most important factor for your family or perhaps you want something more streamlined and tailored as you often entertain guests. Regardless of your needs and desires, you will want something that fits the room perfectly, is comfortable and definitely holds its shape.

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Must have coffee table

A coffee table is always a no brainer when considering what pieces to include in your living room. Fundamentally, it is practical, helps keep your remotes organised, and adds an effortless style – emphasised when decorating with table books or quality décor. Do remember however, bigger doesn’t always equate to better and if you have a small space, there are some wonderful alternatives. It is always important to know your limits.

Let there be light

Lamps are a great tool to attain soft lighting which should be favoured over the harsh glare of overhead lighting. They can also add character and dimension to a living room, with the great thing being that there are so many wonderful options on the market. From chandeliers to pendant lights, table and floor lamps to wall-mounted pieces, we recommend using more than one and mixing things up. Multiple light sources can carry you through changing seasons as well as entertaining guests. They can also be directed toward fabulous art on show, while chunky lamps on end tables can create a harmonious ambiance.

Give your windows love

There are many ways to soften your living room in Mallorca, one being adding beautiful drapery. We love custom curtains as they will really help to pull your room together and make it feel finished. You just want something that will block a little light and give you some privacy and there are always bonus points on offer if you can find a print that doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Talk to an expert

If you are feeling slightly overwhelmed or simply need some inspiration, we work with the best interior designers on the island who can help you to to create your dream living room. Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas.

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