Four Boosting Tips To Add Value to Your Home

Four Boosting Tips To Add Value to Your Home

Top Tips To Add Value to Your Home

Add Value to Your Home: There are many clever ways that you can add value to your home as well  attract a buyer. Whether for investment purposes or the demands of a family, these renovation and interior design strategies will help you boost the value of your property when it’s time to sell.

All those listed can be completed through Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation, a specialised building company in Mallorca with an eye for interior design.


Value Boosting Tips To Add Value to Your Home

Upgrade your bathroom and kitchen

Most designers will tell you that renovating your kitchen or bathroom will give you the best return on your investment. In the kitchen, buyers are usually looking for modern appliances, natural countertop materials such as granite or quartz. You will also be sure to get the wow factor from rooms that feel open with lean functional flooring.

Going the extra mile and designing a spa-like bathroom with well-positioned mirrors and lighting similar to that found in modern hotels can instantly boost the quality of your home’s finish and value. It is also worth investing in a power shower with a stylish glass enclosure can make your home more desirable yet practical.

The bathroom and kitchen are definitely two areas that often have the biggest effect on securing a better valuation. Even small and simple changes such upgrading the tiles can make a huge difference to a buyer’s perception of a room.

Be inspired by our beautiful bathrooms that you will love for years to come.

Make it more efficient

Energy conservation features can have a significant impact on the value of your home value. Consider double-paned windows, insulation, LED lighting and efficient appliances as a way to increase home value and entice energy-conscious buyers.

If you want to go one step further, incorporating solar panels into your home is a great way to make your home in Mallorca greener as reduces your carbon footprint and completely cuts down your utility bills. Photovoltaic solar panels are getting cheaper and more efficient, so do contemplate making the switch.

Lowering our impact on the environment is a team effort and the best place to start? Our homes! Read our tips to make your house greener.

It’s all in the details

While you may be focused on the larger design issues when renovating your property, don’t forget the little details. Stylish fixtures and fittings can enhance the interior of any home, but small touches like these are often overlooked. Consider changing your door handles and having properly measured curtains, which can add a luxury feel to your interiors.

And when you’re conducting viewings, consider the other senses. While the house must look great for potential buyers, beautiful scents such as candles will allow your home to smell alluring and inviting. Remember, it’s small things like these that will make your property stand out from the crowd.

Read our six fabulous reasons why you should work with an interior designer in Mallorca.

Make it smarter

While smart tech my not always increase home value, it does add appeal, meaning that your property will be sure to sell. These safe and smart devices could include the installation of thermostats, fire detectors,, security cameras, door locks and lighting.

A home cinema is a great place to start, be it creating a dedicated home cinema or a multi-purpose room. From getting the most out of a room itself, taking into account its function and finishes, we ca design an all-round the cinematic experience, incorporating the control of lighting, music and most importantly video.

Thinking of installing a bespoke home cinema in your home? Read more on how it will add value to your property.

Renovating your home with Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation

Paul Robinson is a construction and renovation company in Mallorca, made up of a team of bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians with a host of other tradesmen involved in the project from start to finish. The involvement of an experienced team ensures that no corners are cut and the work is completed within the agreed timelines.

Among our projects we have built and renovated to completion: several high-end villas, few luxury boutique hotels and many other properties like townhouses and apartments.

If you want to make an upgrade to your property, get in touch with our team today. 

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