Designing a Bespoke Home Cinema in Mallorca

Designing a Bespoke Home Cinema in Mallorca

Bespoke Home Cinema in Mallorca

When it comes to designing a luxury home cinema in Mallorca, there are often more questions than answers. Not only is it a must-have in any contemporary home, especially if you have the space to spare, but it is certain to become the perfect place for your whole family to unwind.

Creating a home cinema isn’t as complicated as it sounds if working with an experienced company such as Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation. Partnering with the acclaimed Lion Controls, we will take care of every detail from start to finish. From getting the most out of a room itself, taking into account its function and finishes, to the cinematic experience, incorporating the control of lighting, music and most importantly video.

Trust in an expert

From creating a multi music room to a dedicated home cinema, Lion Controls provides a wide range of equipment to build the perfect home cinema in Mallorca. Priding itself on working with only the best brands in the industry, this island based company guarantees the highest quality, performance and longevity.

Multi Purpose Room vs. Dedicated Home Cinema

An art, driven by passion, talent and a true respect for the film. The immersive audio, the stunning picture, the diming of the lights, the suddenly silent audience. All of this can be expertly reproduced in a home cinema in Mallorca.

However, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is whether it will truly be a dedicated home cinema or a multi-purpose room. Although different, both can provide a truly immersive experience and are capable of transforming a beautiful living environment into a private cinema.

“It is important to evaluate how the room will be used, its available space and the potential for recouping the investment in a home’s resale value.”


The major distinction between a room designed for a home cinema and a multi purpose room designed for home media enjoyment is the flexibility of the space. A home cinema room is designed specifically for watching films on a big screen and cannot be adapted for other uses. On the other hand, a multi purpose room is typically designed for the use of various media functions.

For those that enjoy a complete theatre experience, transforming a room into a dedicated home cinema is ideal. One of the benefits of using such a space is its ability to customise interiors fully to be able to maximise the experience.

A multi purpose room may however be the most useful for growing families. With both a large screen television and a drop-down projection screen, there are a variety of activities that can be enjoyed, including streaming movies, video games, internet browsing and listening to music.

Moreover, innovative automation technology will make it easy to integrate multiple components for even more enjoyment of the space and almost always adds value to a home in Mallorca.

Luxury at its finest

When embarking on a project such as this, it is essential to seek the help of an expert. In your consultation, you will be asked a range of questions to ensure that the perfect home cinema can be constructed in your home.

First consider how many people will use the space at a time. Will it just be your family? Or will you be inviting guests? The answer to this question will determine the amount of seating, and therefore the space that you need.

Important factors to consider

  • A room’s dimensions – Generally, your home cinema in Mallorca will begin with a thorough consultation or walk-through to ensure that your space can be truly maximised.
  • Sourcing the best equipment – After your room dimensions are studied, the best audio and video equipment will be recommended. This can include a high-quality surround sound system that won’t interfere with your luxury interiors.
  • High quality content – It is fundamental to think about what exactly you want to watch or listen to which can either be sourced from media platforms and streaming services.
  • Smart technology – In every luxury home cinema in Mallorca you can manage the technology with a control solution from Lion Controls. Not only can you choose the film you want to watch and adjust the volume, but you can also control the mood of the room with ambient lighting.

About Lion Controls

Established over 20 years ago on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Lion Controls specialises in high end home cinema solutions. Mastering the ultimate fusion between technology and comfort, this renowned company are the definite go-to when contemplating installing a luxury home cinema in Mallorca.

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