How to furnish your house in Mallorca?

How to furnish your house in Mallorca?

How to furnish your house in Mallorca? We pride ourselves on working with the highest grades of Scandinavian furnishings, offering a varied selection of products sourced from Denmark that are ready to be shipped to your door. Our exclusive catalogues can help you achieve the perfect mixture of bohemian living, elegant simplicity and botanical living, all whilst paying a deep respect to the beauty of traditional craftsmanship.

Satisfy Nordic dreams with beautiful handcrafted furnishings

There’s a reason why the Scandinavian aesthetic is loved across the globe and has become a phenomenon in Mallorca. Hailed from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the Nordic style is marked by a range of different characteristics that effortlessly blends comfort and warmth with clean-lined minimalism. Prized for its functionality, timelessness and connection to the natural world, Scandinavian design has the ability to add understated elegance to any interior or outdoor area in Mallorca. The soft colours of its furniture exude relaxed and welcoming qualities that can be easily incorporated into virtually any space. Read on to see how to implement this aesthetic to furnish your house in Mallorca.

We help you to furnish your house in Mallorca

Practical beauty

Each piece of Scandinavian furniture is designed and chosen so that it serves a specific purpose in the space that it is placed.

Craftsman specialised in this sphere of design are taught to always look at an object’s function rather than to simply create something that has no purpose in a room. This is why each piece of furniture has a sense of grandeur. Not only for its beauty, but also for its practicality.

When investing in this design, you are not only buying a stunning piece of furniture but choosing to incorporate a silent elegance that is recognised immediately.

Think ‘less is more’ and start incorporating practical additions.

With the wonderful versatility of this style, you may be wondering where to begin shopping. We look at ways to transform three essential spaces in a home – the bedrooms, living area and an outdoor terrace.

Whether you are looking to furnish your home in Mallorca or transform a hotel or office space, Scandinavian furnishings offer a blend of textures, contrasts and soft hues to create a sleek and modern space.

The importance that furniture holds is why Scandinavian designers are encouraged to create bright and functional rooms. These principles allow for the creation of a more alluring, unique and refreshing area that ranks supreme.

Enhancing a bedroom

A Nordic-inspired bedroom should take full advantage of the relaxing and cosy aspects of this decor style. Use soothing and natural tones to add light. Modern furniture should also always follow a minimalist

Think about investing in a low-profile platform bed with an upholstered frame to achieve an effortless and sophisticated look. Opt for white or grey bedding and be sure to avoid bold colours and patterns as this will only feel cluttered. Top your duvet with a faux fur throw and for an added drop of serenity, look for a stylish floor lamp.

Revamping your living quarters

Scandinavian-style living rooms should always be clean and functional. The use of straight lines and minimal, modern furniture mixed with warming elements like plush rugs and blankets will help to create a space that feels inviting and warm. Look for a sofa with a modern feel that should be streamlined and not take up too much space.

Enhance the look with additional seating made from light-coloured wood with curved backs and tapered legs. Soften wooden elements by adding textural elements such as a rug or pillows in muted tones. You can even complement the room with a sculptural piece on a side table for an elegant finishing touch. 

Enrich an outdoor area

Scandinavian design has the ability to augment the outdoors, so incorporating its furnishings onto a terrace is the ideal space to showcase the Nordic style. No matter the size, these additions can ensure that you achieve a blissful minimalist haven.

For smaller spaces, look for a wooden table and chair set. Add potted plants or other low-maintenance greenery. If you are fortunate to have more space, utilise wood furnishings for side tables and decks. You can also source modern products topped with white or grey cushions.

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