8 Tricks To Make Your Bedroom In Mallorca Luxurious

8 Tricks To Make Your Bedroom In Mallorca Luxurious

Make your bedroom in Mallorca luxurious

Nothing will be more satisfying than transforming your sleeping space into a luxury bedroom in Mallorca. Not only do you spend at least a third of your time there, but it is a place that should essentially entice you to relax and unwind in after a long day.

While it may seem like a total hassle to get started, there are actually a few simple tricks that you can implement with our team at Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation and the assistance of an interior designer.

You’ve already got the fully equipped kitchen, a sophisticated bathroom, the great living room complete with fireplace, luxury furniture and other modern amenities. Now it’s time to give some extra special treatment to the room that means the most. Here are some surprisingly elegant and simple ideas that will turn your sleeping quarter into one of absolute luxe.

Tricks To Make Your Bedroom In Mallorca Look Luxurious

Choose your aesthetic

Luxury bedrooms should always have a theme whether it is boho, mid-century modern or even am inviting beach house style. It also has to complement the interior design used throughout your home.

Perhaps you adore the classic Victorian aesthetic with ornate pillows and a beautiful, rich duvet cover. Or maybe you want your modern luxury bedroom to feel restful with elegant and neutral furnishings. Whatever your choice, try not to mismatch the interiors too much, as this will confuse the space and take away its calming properties.

Dress your walls in elegance

Unless you’re going for an ultra minimalist look, bare white walls in a bedroom in Mallorca can feel more stark than luxurious. Embrace a little paint or wallpaper to give your bedroom a warmer, more designed look.

It is a good idea to paint your walls and ceilings in a solid colour that you find relaxing. While it’s not always recommended to opt for a dark hue, solid choices can look beautiful in the right context. Think about rich blues and greens which can match perfectly with most antiques and decorated tastes.

If you want to add a little more texture, you can try wallpapering your ceiling. This is especially effective in smaller sized bedrooms where there isn’t enough space to do something interesting visually on the walls.

Decisions, decisions – The perfect bed

Without question, a bed will be the most important feature of your bedroom in Mallorca. It will be the focal point of your room so you need to select one that’s not only supportive but also beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

The good news is that we have a catalogue of gorgeous pieces manufactured by the finest craftsman so it will be easy to find one that fits all of your needs and desires. From a custom headboard to an adjustable frame, there are all kinds of details that can take your bed to a luxurious level.

Select a standout headboard

Adding a luxe-looking headboard will certainly increase the glam factor in your bedroom. A beautiful one need doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, but it should have a notable feature. This could be a bold colour, a unique shape, impressive height or be layered in an elegant fabric like linen or velvet.

Add glamourous lighting

Whether it’s a ceiling fixture or a table lamp, statement lighting will intensify the luxury factor of your bedroom. Lighting can change the tenor of an entire room, just by how soft or hard it is. So it is fundamental to think about how much light pours into existing space. Think – do you have a high ceiling? Or do you have smaller windows that let in less light?

Focus on creating a lot of soft lighting with a hanging light or bedside tables. You might choose a fixture or lamp with sophisticated details in gold, glass or crystal. Selecting one with a large or unusual shape can also help the room look more upscale.

Feature stylish seating

If you have unused space near a window, nightstand or in front of your bed, consider adding an accent chair or bench. From a practical standpoint, it will give you a place to sit and read or place some clothing. From an aesthetics perspective, this styling trick offers an opportunity to bring a notable design element to your room.

Statement seating can give your room a distinctive style that is both modern and classic. This piece should fit naturally into your bedroom, reflect your personal taste and match the texture that you’ve already incorporated into the room.

Frame with mirrors

One trick interior designers use to add glamour to a room is placing a mirror on the wall. This adds a luxurious style to a bedroom wall that creates greater depth and opens up the space.

Opt for a mirror with a unique detail, such as a gilded finish or unusual shape. The extra design element will go a long way toward adding luxe to even the most ordinary of bedrooms.

Pile on the pillows

A decadent aesthetic can be achieved with a combination of larger pillows. And for an ultra luxurious style, select throw pillows in high-end fabrics such as silk, velvet or faux fur. Pillows are a secret to bedroom pleasure as are not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely functional when it comes to maximising your sleeping enjoyment. Invest in new ones and even up your game with memory pillows.

Many luxurious bedrooms also feature a soft throw blanket. Choose a material that looks expensive and can jazz up even the plainest bed. Bedding is another way to make bed stand out more. Soft linens are a great way to get a plush and elegant feeling. For the ultimate luxury, we recommend natural fibres like Egyptian cotton or silk.

These eight ideas will help make your bedroom in Mallorca look expensive as well as feel more plush and inviting. Your style, mood and lifestyle should all factor into creating a beautiful luxury bedroom so do get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas for the bedroom of your dreams. Now is the time to create a space that brings calm and mindfulness and will rock you to sleep.

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