Made In Mallorca – Interior Design For Your Home

Made In Mallorca – Interior Design For Your Home

Made In Mallorca

Made In Mallorca – Interior Design For Your Home: There is something indescribable about products that are made in Mallorca and there are a wealth of designers to discover on the island.

All hold an absolute respect for handcrafted items, traditional techniques and sustainability – elements that are becoming a rarity in the world of interior design.

We share some of our favourite Mallorca designers, chosen for the way in which they encapsulate the essence of the Mediterranean. Their interior design projects retain a deeply powerful spirit, defending everything that is local, designing bespoke furniture and objects that are manufactured here on the island.

Made In Mallorca – Interior Design For Your Home


2Monos is a Mallorca-based self-production studio specialised in the fields of architecture, sculpture and design. Their creations are handcrafted, timeless and durable, adding contemporary aesthetics and functionality to classic crafts.

They are renown for the attention to detail in their products, carefully chosen materials and accurate finishing methods that are always tailor-made.


CONTAIN is a Mallorca based lighting and furniture design studio. Drawing inspiration from the local culture, their mission is to facilitate aesthetic innovation and material exploration.

Their collection is the result of the collaboration between the studio and local artisans and industries. Here, creativity and simplicity create a synergy and generate a narrative between the materials used and the pieces created.

La Pecera

La Pecera is a small company specialising in design furniture, decorative arts and accessories and founded by the industrial and interior designer Marlene Albaladejo.

The design contemporary pieces inspired by traditional objects of daily use and produce them in a way that is 100% handcrafted, artisan, local and sustainable. For this, it collaborates with a team of master craftspersons working with different materials such as wood, brass, leather and textiles.

Studio Jaia

Studio Jaia places great importance on contributing to the life of local crafts, conserving traditional techniques, as well as working locally to produce quality products. They strongly believe in sustainability, guaranteeing that all not their products are handcrafted in Mallorca.

Led by Anna Lena Kortmann, she creates and hand weaves the unique pieces in her studio in Palma. The designer has a passion for furniture and patterns, with a body of work influenced and underscored by her childhood in Cairo.


Lafiore is a team of creators, designers and lovers of the products hand made in Mallorca for the world. It continues to renew the tradition of artistic glass and crafts with an infinite range of colours and shapes that are made of 100% recycled material and transformed into objects with their own life.

In their blown glass factory they create artistic tableware using the traditional glass blowing technique. Discover the essence of the Balearic Islands in their incredible artistic creations.

Renovating your home with Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation

Paul Robinson is a construction and renovation company in Mallorca, made up of a team of bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians with a host of other tradesmen involved in the project from start to finish. The involvement of an experienced team ensures that no corners are cut and the work is completed within the agreed timelines.

Among our projects we have built and renovated to completion: several high-end villas, few luxury boutique hotels and many other properties like townhouses and apartments.

If you want to make an upgrade to your property, get in touch with our team today. 

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