Minimalistic Villa

Minimalistic Villa

To make this minimalistic villa dream a reality, Paul Robinson involved a complete renovation of the property. The team redesigned spaces and demolished partitions, creating a space where the kitchen, living and dining room, bedrooms and reception area flowed.

The exterior became a natural extension of the interior. Modern tiles have been implemented to seamlessly blend with luxurious exterior stone floors, which have created an exterior that characterises the Mediterranean lifestyle.


Practicality and comfort are key in the interior of this luxurious and minimalistic villa. Therefore, Paul Robinson and his team installed efficient ventilation systems, aged stone staircases and custom ordered windows. The owners wanted a clean, sleek interior with simple forms in which a minimalist style dominated. Without the need to sacrifice character.

Moving upstairs, views of the terraces and the pool were increased by installing large windows in the main façade. These are now flooding four spacious bedrooms with light. Each bedroom served by its own bathroom allows for privacy and comfort. In addition, the cosy roof terrace offers stunning views of the Tramuntana mountains and the relaxing blue sea of the port.

Photos by Pernilla Danielsson, Text by Noemí Alvarez

Featured in Look Mallorca magazine