6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa in Mallorca

6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa in Mallorca

Choosing the perfect sofa in Mallorca

Purchasing a sofa in Mallorca is one of the most important investments that you will make in your home that is a largely undervalued process. A sofa is a piece of furniture that we spend the majority of our time on, and for this reason it makes perfect sense to invest in one that is of the highest quality, durable, stylish and that you will love for decades to come.

A sofa is both the star and central focus point of any home in Mallorca and it is integral that you take time as well as thought before signing on the dotted line. Sofas often anchor a decorating scheme and bring subtle luxuriousness to your interior design.

Although the style that you select will be a personal preference there are important criteria to take into account before making this fundamental purchase. From investing in a quality frame to opting for a gorgeous fabric, we take you through our 6 top tips for choosing the perfect sofa in Mallorca.

Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa in Mallorca

  1. Try before you buy

Trying a sofa out before buying it is the most vital step you will take in this process, but surprisingly one that is often forgotten. A sofa could be absolutely gorgeous, perfectly matching your interior space, but if it is not comfortable then you will instantly regret the purchase.

Testing it is therefore fundamental to make sure that it is not only the right size for your living room but also of the correct firmness to suit the desires of you and your family.

  1. Invest in a quality frame 

A sofa is a long term investment for your home so it is advisable to select the best quality option that is within your budget. When considering a sofa in Mallorca you should always take into account the structure of its frame and what material it is made from.

Essentially, you need a frame that can withstand general wear and tear, furniture rearrangements and even a relocation. Think of good quality woods such as walnut oak or maple.

Cheaper sofas tend to be constructed with flimsy materials which means that they could potentially fold, sag or even break. This would result in you having to regularly replace your sofa every few years, making it far more expensive in the long run.

  1. Cushion comfort

It is key to consider the cushioning that is used inside a sofa as this will determine its level of long-term comfort. The material that you choose will be based upon personal preference, but there are some top tips to keep in mind.

Sofas can be filled with a variety of materials such as feathers, foam or fibres. Foam and fibre options are low maintenance and firm, however they can lose their shape and flatten over time, especially in its most used areas.

Meanwhile, feather options will need some plumping up occasionally depending on how much time you spend lounging. However, they can guarantee the utter most level of luxurious comfort.

Our top recommendation? Choose a sofa in Mallorca that is the perfect mix of the two to get the best of both worlds. Combining feathers and foam will mean that you will get a wonderfully firm structure from the foam and an undeniable plushness from the feathers.

  1. Love for fabric

Selecting the fabric of your sofa in Mallorca will be one of the toughest decisions to make and is wholly reliant on your personal choice. You may love minimalistic linen, are a fan of delicate patterns, or perhaps you are partial to a classic and sophisticated leather look.

Whatever fabric you choose it is important to take into consideration the existing aesthetics of your interior including the colour palettes that are used and any statement pieces which are incorporated into your living room. This will ensure that your sofa will not clash or seem somewhat out of place. Remember, sofas are usually the focal point of any interior so you must make sure that it complements a space.

Usability is also key, meaning that you must take into account how your sofa is used and by whom. If you have young children or pets in your home, you will need a fabric that it easy to wipe over and clean. On the other hand, if you would like to place it in direct sunlight then you must select a fabric that will not fade quickly and essentially become aged.

  1. Perfect fit

You may have now fallen head over heals madly in love with a sofa that is made of stunning fabric, is cushioned exceptionally with an excellent quality frame. But the million-euro question is – will it fit into my home in Mallorca?

Before making the purchase, you will need to think about where exactly you will place the sofa by taking measurements of the chosen area and seeing if you have any spatial constraints. Note factors such as coffee table heights or if there are any window ledges that you want to place your sofa under. Nothing could be worse than having a beautiful sofa that is either too big or obviously undersized.

  1. Consult an expert

At Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation, we have an extensive catalogue of high quality and luxurious sofas for your home. Do get in touch with our team today who will be able to advise you on this important investment which at all times carefully considering your interior design.


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