interior design mallorca

Refurbishment & Decoration

Have you just bought a property on a budget and need advice on what needs a refurbishment? Paul Robinson can assist you in planning time frames, working up quotes and placing priorities so as to get your property habitable and up to legal standards as soon as possible.

Or are you planning to completely building your home?  The company can provide you with detailed quotes and realistic time frames for completion.

Your home in Mallorca

We deal with all phases involving the rehabilitation of your house or villa in Mallorca. For this we have a team of professionals in engineering and architecture that have extensive experience in the construction industry. We guarantee a complete service of advice to our clients throughout the process of reforming its property in order to fully meet their needs and expectations and conduct a quality project

When initiating a process of rehabilitation of a home is very important to be very clear structure and all steps, processes and procedures that must be performed. We work holistically, with an specialized team in  design, architecture, construction and rehabilitation of houses in Mallorca, to manage all activities related to the reform of your home. From the initial idea and the project approach to the delivery of keys and subsequent maintenance of the property.

We develop interior design projects tailored to the overall aesthetic of the house highlighting aspects. From lighting, harmonious arrangement of furniture, fabrics to decorative elements. We offer a totally personalized advice, working in collaboration with specialized consultants in order to find the design that best suits the personality and expectations of each client.