Samantha Knight Interior Design

Samantha Knight Interior Design

Samantha Knight Interior Design

Established in 2013 in South Kensington, London, Samantha Knight Interior Design is renowned for delivering effortlessly balanced and elegant interiors. Acclaimed for the sensitive restoration of Grade II Listed interiors, Founder Samantha Knight has transformed townhouses, apartments and country estates in Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Richmond as well as the prestigious Hampton Court. With a burning desire to connect London with the Balearic Islands, Samantha made the considered decision to set up a second interior design studio in Mallorca in 2017. Here she has been simplifying often complex projects for a host of private clients.


PAUL ROBINSON - Renovation & Construction in Mallorca

About Samantha Knight

Born in the UK, Samantha Knight worked as a luxury design PR over the course of ten years for well known brands such as Lalique. However, after being approached by a friend to work her magic in their very own apartment, Samantha’s head was turned into the sphere of interior design.

After gaining a professional qualification in the field, Samantha went on to train at a leading property development company in London. Lending her hands and vision on the refurbishment of iconic buildings across the city, Samantha then set up her own interior design and lifestyle business with a colleague.

“An expert attention to detail, love for craftsmanship and respect for natural materials.”

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Visionary Interiors

Samantha’s distinctive style is synonymous with sophistication and luxury, all at the same time paying particular attention to sustainability and well-being. This interior designer and creative director thrives on ensuring that her work is both structurally and functionally appropriate without retracting from its beauty. Harmoniously combining a love for craftsmanship and natural materials, Samantha works with the finest artisans both in London and Spain.  The projects she has completed, which has included a Kenyan safari lodge and family home in Africa, demonstrates how fluidly she can articulate the creative language of each client into their homes.

For Samantha, the satisfaction of delivering a timeless lifestyle has laid the foundation to her success, where she has built excellent and long-lasting relationships that are based on discretion and trust.

“Peace of mind is the most important part of the adventure.”

Samantha Knight Interior Design

Samantha Knight employs a multinational team of creatives that offer private clients the stunning design of interior spaces as well as complementary lifestyle services. Thanks to her close connection to builders, construction companies and project managers such as Paul Robinson, all commissions are delivered on time and most importantly in budget. As well as reviewing technical drawing with the lead Architectural Designer, Samantha welcomes the involvement of a finance director to provide unwavering support and guidance.

The best artisans, craftsman and furniture makers are always collaborated with graciously, where her team are continuously committed to discovering new materials and techniques which far surpass the ordinary. This expert attention to detail contributes to the creation of extraordinary and uniquely beautiful curated interiors in Mallorca and the UK. Although extremely well sought after, Samantha takes on a limited number of clients each year. This conscious decision ensures that the visibility of key milestones are achieved and that fluid management can always be maintained.



 You can commission Samantha Knight Interior Design at various points of your property and design journey. These include:

    • When seeking to purchase a principle or second home.
    • During the conceptual phase of re-designing a new or existing home.
    • After the purchase of land and prior to any planning
    • When choosing to update existing home fittings and furnishings or to revamp a particular space.
    • In the re-envisioning of an interior design concept.


Instagram: @samanthaknightdesign
Telephone: +44 7747 060 531



Mallorca – by appointment
Carrer de Reina Maria Cristina, 9
Pollença, 07460
Mallorca, Balearic Islands


London – by appointment
6 Sydney Street
South Kensington
London, W6 3PP

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