Teixits Riera – Authentic Fabrics Made In Mallorca

Teixits Riera – Authentic Fabrics Made In Mallorca

Teixits Riera – Traditional fabrics for your home

Discover Teixits Riera: This Mallorca based company has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of fabrics for almost 125 years. They put their passion into the creation of the emblematic IkatFromMallorca, respecting its artisan traditions that have been passed down from generations.

Their commitment to the conservation of traditional Mallorcan fabrics and craftsmanship has earned Teixits Riera recognition from the Ministry of Industry and Energy to be labelled as a Protected Artisan Company.

Teixits Riera – Authentic Fabrics Made In Mallorca


Each fabric follows practices passed down from generations to allow the IkatFromMallorca fabric to thrive, always respecting the unique qualities of the Balearic Islands.

IkatFromMallorca is an authentic Mallorcan fabric which is made using an ancient technique, known in its countries of origin as ikat or ikkat, and which have traveled from the east to the Mediterranean. In Mallorca it is also known as roba de llengües – a reference to the geometric motifs characteristic of the island.


The origins of Teixits Riera date back to 1896 when Gabriel Riera started to create looms in a small workshop in the town of Biniamar. This small space continued its activity until 1940, later moving to Lloseta where the company’s workshop has stood ever since.


Teixits Riera offer a catalogue of more than 70 fabrics where the artisan manufacturing process makes each fabric 100% unique. With their varied designs and colours, their fabrics evoke a true Mediterranean character.

The fabrics are manufactured in six phases in which their craftsman pay attention to the smallest details needed for the care of raw materials. A meticulous artisan process that gives Teixits Riera’s fabrics their outstanding qualities and reputation in Mallorca and beyond.

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