Transforming your kitchen in Mallorca

Transforming your kitchen in Mallorca

Transforming a kitchen in Mallorca

Today’s kitchens are often the heart and soul of any home. Food is certainly seductive and home cooking is an undeniable experience that can be enjoyed at any scale. For this reason, you may want to fill your kitchen in Mallorca with the kind of luxury you would expect to enjoy at your very favourite restaurant.

Careful planning is therefore required to ensure that the space is both beautiful and highly functional. You could be ripping out the old and installing a brand new kitchen, moving your kitchen into a new room or simply want to undertake a small project to update an existing space.

Whatever your project, we hope to awaken your senses with our gallery of inspirational kitchens which can be recreated or adapted for you by our highly experienced team at Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation.

A Beautiful First Impression For Your Kitchen

Minimalistic heaven

With their minimalist cabinetry, neutral hues and metallic accents, these contemporary kitchens have a subtle elegance that will never go out of date. They blend aspects of modern design with traditional and industrial aesthetics to achieve a look that’s not only sleek but current.

Using a pop of colour, whether it’s on a piece of furniture, in a bowl of fresh fruit or in a vase of gorgeous flowers, will ensure that your kitchen in Mallorca will still feel warm and welcoming.

Go one step further by complementing the overall ambience with big windows that let the sun pour in, an architectural light fixture or even a piece of statement décor to maximise its beauty.

“A kitchen design must be practical, but fundamentally, it must also be undeniably beautiful…”

Sheer luxuriousness

There’s plenty to consider when designing a kitchen in Mallorca. From flooring to wall coverings, cabinetry to stone or marble counter tops, there are a wide choice of appliances and accessories to choose from.

While there are a vast number of options available to create the luxury kitchen you so long for, getting each element right is difficult, especially without seeking the help of a professional. It is essential to take inspiration and advice from those with a wealth of experience such as Paul Robinson Renovation and Construction to achieve a stunning and harmonious result.

Working with top interior designers in Mallorca and a catalogue of products sourced from renowned Italian craftsman, we create luxury spaces that blends style and function. Each design is a high quality product rooted in beauty and function, and created to guarantee long-lasting reliability. These characteristics are perfectly balanced with economic value and unbound creativity that will take centre stage in your kitchen.

The heart of your home

Kitchens are where we cook, eat, entertain and socialise, so it’s important to create space that ticks every one of these boxes. With all these different jobs to perform, getting the right kitchen design is essential. Kitchens must, of course, be practical. However, with an ever-increasing range of kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, kitchen worktops and kitchen accessories to choose from, they must also be a stylish space that reflects your tastes.

If you want to revamp an existing space, consider investing in kitchen cabinets or worktops to refresh the style and add years of service to the busiest room in your house. Renovating a kitchen is also a smart bet for increasing the value of your home, meaning that it is a great investment for the future.

For a busy family home, a fitted kitchen is a bespoke solution that will offer fantastic functionality and streamline the space to make the most of every inch.

Top tips for a dream kitchen

People use their kitchens in different ways depending on the amount of space they have to play with as well as taking into account their lifestyle. However, there are a few guidelines that apply to every transformation which will provide the groundwork to creating your perfect space.

  • Spatial zones – In order to achieve the utter most functionality your kitchen should be designed using different zones for cooking and practical tasks such as preparation, storage and washing – also known as the work area.
  • Opting for open plan – In an open-plan kitchen, you will also need a separate dining and/or living space, placed as far away from the work area so as not to disturb anyone eating or relaxing. A breakfast bar is also an intelligent way to squeeze in informal seating in a smaller sized kitchen.
  • All things storage – It can be easy to underestimate how much kitchen storage you will actually need. Our top tip is to make a list of all your equipment as well as anything else you may need to store away. Once you have this all detailed, your interior designer can better visualise dreamy solutions tailored for you. A pantry or pull-out larder is the most practical way to keep food, while a built-in wine rack provides an added level of luxury. Kitchen cupboards with built-in spice racks are also a great help when it comes to keeping things organised.
  • Finishing touches – Once you have devised the perfect layout for your kitchen, you can start to inject some of your own taste into it with fixtures and furnishings. Finishing touches such as kitchen worktops, splash-backs, doors, flooring and handles will all have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Remember, it’s the little details that matter.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with our team today to discuss your kitchen ideas. At Paul Robinson Construction and Renovation, we work alongside the most superior interior designers, expert fitters and skilled craftsman to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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