Vimbi Vimbi – Beautiful Handcrafted Ceramics For Your Home

Vimbi Vimbi – Beautiful Handcrafted Ceramics For Your Home

Handcrafted Ceramics For Your Home

Beautiful Handcrafted Ceramics For Your Home: Nothing could be truer than the saying ‘Food is Love’ and no matter your culinary confidence, preparing and eating food deserves much more decoration and recognition than we tend to give them. And that’s exactly where the artisan ceramic label Vimbi Vimbi comes in.

The brand has been created by two especially gifted women – Ana Nadal de Puigdorfila & Natalia de Nicolás de Benito, whose friendship has spanned more than twenty years. Each piece in the collection has been handcrafted personally by the duo, is uniquely exquisite and drawn from inspirations of nature and simplicity.

In today’s world of mass production, there are so few things we can still make entirely with our own hands, but we can with Vimbi Vimbi’s gorgeous collection of kitchenware. It’s simply an art you can eat off. So whether you’re serving up an açai bowel or entertaining guests, treat yourself to plates, dishes and so much m9re that will make your food as well as your home be enriched with beauty.

Beautiful Handcrafted Ceramics For Your Home

The name Vimbi Vimbi is certainly original and we were compelled to ask about its origination. Bimba and Violet are the names of Ana and Natalia’s beloved dogs, and once merged together it became their signature. Ana and Natalia have been working together for 20 years with an impressive background restoring art where they have worked across the globe from Madrid, Paris to London.

Both eventually decided to settle in Mallorca, launching and creating their very own artisan tableware firm. Ana and Natalia are wholly passionate about the world of ceramics, love working with their hands and are inspired by nature. A beautiful relationship has evolved into everlasting products where the duo have mastered creating stunning works for every home.

The art of ceramics derives from pottery –  one of history’s oldest trades. Ceramics are an investment but one that we are bound to use more often than anything else in our homes.

Ana and Natalia use basic materials such as clay and then when they start to mold, where different forms and folds arise spontaneously. The enamel is created with natural pigments rather than resin, meaning that each colour is different and unique. Each ceramic piece takes an average of a week to be completed and it is possible to make a more substantial order if necessary.

From bowls with different textures and original shapes to vases to fill stunning bouquets of flowers, each ceramic item has been masterfully handcrafted by Ana and Natalia. 

Browse Vimbi Vimbi’s gorgeous handmade ceramic kitchenware by visiting their Instagram page. 

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