Prime Urban Plot in Costa de los Pinos

Exceptional urban plot in Costa de los Pinos, perfectly poised to transform into a bespoke residential haven. Spanning a generous total surface land of 1,802.83 sqm, this plot is meticulously zoned for single-family residential use, providing an exclusive canvas for your dream home.

Key Features:

  • Total Surface Land: 1,802.83 sqm
  • Use: Residential (Single-Family)
  • Orientation: South
  • Occupation: 20%
  • Strip Distance: 4m (Street)
  • Floor Maximum Number: S+B+P*
  • Buildability Coefficient: 0.36 m2t/m2s

These meticulously defined parameters not only lay the foundation for a distinctive residence but also promise a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. The southern orientation ensures ample sunlight throughout the day, enhancing the living experience for its future occupants.

The generous occupation allowance of 20% allows for thoughtful landscaping, while the 4m strip distance from the street provides a sense of privacy and exclusivity. The permissible floor composition of S+B+P* opens up possibilities for multi-level living, catering to various lifestyle preferences.

Of particular note is the impressive buildability coefficient of 0.36 m2t/m2s, a key factor in realizing a substantial 640 sqm surface villa. The land’s natural inclination not only contributes to the architectural appeal but also affords extraordinary sea views, ensuring a residence that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

A Pearl within the Heart of Costa de los Pinos

Nestled next to the best coves of the eastern Mallorca coast and in close proximity to one of the island’s premier golf courses, this plot is truly a pearl within the heart of Costa de los Pinos. Representing the last free plot in this exclusive location, it offers a wonderful environment surrounded by pines and crystal-clear waters, making it an unparalleled setting for your dream home.

This urban plot is a rare opportunity to craft a residence that reflects your vision and lifestyle. Whether you envision a contemporary masterpiece, a tranquil retreat, or a combination of both, this canvas awaits your creative touch.

For further inquiries, detailed plans, or to schedule a site visit, please reach out to our team. Unlock the potential of this prime urban plot and embark on the journey to create a home that is truly yours.

*Note: S+B+P stands for Basement, Ground Floor, and Upper Floor.