Architecture Services

Architecture Services

Paul Robinson offers architecture services as he works with teams of architects and technicians that develop and inspire you to take your project in Mallorca further than you thought was possible.

We can undertake any project including:

  • Renovation and Interior Design
  • Turnkey properties
  • Project Management
  • Commercial – Hotels and shops
  • Planning regulations

We are specialists in new construction projects and comprehensive reforms of houses in Mallorca. Over the years we have developed a network of professionals who are specialized in their fields. We believe that this is the only way to deliver a project which in the long run presents less problems for you as the client.

We get excited by our projects and we carry out each one
with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment.

Over the recent years there has appeared a trend of project managers, who for a percentage of the overall project cost are there to “manage” your project. However, few meet the criterion needed to carry out the job. A project manager should hold this title as part of their professional career and only in this way can you be sure that they understand all of the aspects involved in their role. If not chosen correctly you may find that you pay a lot of money for a few photos and an update – what most people understand to be project management. We are proud to have qualified project managers as part of our team to assist you in the crucial phases of your project.

We believe that communication is an important part of your project, so we allow ample time for meetings where your concerns can be shared and a solution provided.

If you need any of our architecture services in these areas discussed, please feel free to drop us an email to arrange a meeting.