Architectural Services

Architectural Services

Paul Robinson offer architectural services. This can be as simple as legalizing your property in order to sell, or starting from scratch on a brand-new build or major remodel.

We work with architects that stretch the imagination whilst holding true to many of the architectural elements that are intrinsic to Mallorca and its surroundings. Whether it be a rustic style farmhouse with a twist, or a clean modern design, we can manage it from the very start to achieve the best outcome possible.

We are proud to have qualified project managers as part of our team to assist you in the crucial phases of your project.

We believe that communication is an important part of your project, so we allow ample time for meetings where your concerns can be shared and a solution provided. Please see project management for more information on this service.

If you require any of our architectural services in these areas discussed, please feel free to drop us an email to arrange a meeting.