Interior Design

Luxury Customised Decor & Furniture

At Paul Robinson we understand an individual’s needs and wants enabling us to create attractive functional spaces within a property.
The importance of a well thought out interior design and the correct procurement of furniture can sometimes be underestimated in a large project.
Moreover, we are happy to work with several design firms which all have something different to offer. In addition, we work alongside the client to find the style and special pieces of furniture that fit your home.

Modern Mediterranean Homes

A bespoke experience

Our team will meet with you here in Mallorca and create a brief based on detailed conversations with you. This will then be shaped into a design package which, after final tweaking will be the master document used for tender. Our designers will also follow the progress of the project with regular visits to ensure the construction or renovation is staying true to plan. We also work with talented local craftsman who are able to create bespoke pieces to suit individual projects.

Having been featured in publications such as AD Magazine, our design projects are for those seeking a bespoke experience where the final product plays to the emotions and creates an environment in which colour, texture, light – to name but a few, are combined to create an unforgettable result.

Contact us for more information on complete interior design packages or furniture purchases.

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