Bioclimatic pergolas in the Balearic Islands

Bioclimatic pergolas offer new outdoor spaces with excellent protection against sun and adverse weather. They also offer luxury features such as dimmable perimeter lighting, integrated speaker systems. Thanks to innovative design bioclimatic pergolas make clever use of passive cooling which means a comfortable and natural circulation of air, converting your outdoor space into a useful refuge. The ability to protect from direct sunlight and rainfall ensures that your outdoor furniture and other items can stay put despite the weather.

Having a bioclimatic pergola allows you to enjoy your outdoor space during all seasons of the year.

Our high quality bioclimatic pergolas are a highly customisable product and are suitable for all needs. Given restrictions on building pergolas offer you an extension of your property and more comfortable use of outdoor space all year round.

Bioclimatic pergola features

Partial internal insulation of the blades, to improve acoustic comfort (SoundProof)
Outdoor perimeter LED system with warm, cold and RGB light
Weather sensors
Dirello Concert integrated sound system
Compatible with home automation systems
Automation management app for Smartphone and Tablet
Bora (roll-up zip closure integrated in the eaves and pillars)
Phantom Glass (vertical sliding panoramic glass window)
Belvedere (all glass window) – Scenica (all glass window)
Plank (raised platform) – SQ (raised platform)


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