8 Ways To Make Your House In Mallorca Greener

Making your home in Mallorca greener

More and more people across the world are becoming environmentally-conscious and it is important to start thinking about making your house in Mallorca greener. Being eco-friendly will not only help you contribute to a sustainable environment but it will also help save money over time in energy and water bills.

Lowering our overall impact on the environment is a team effort and just like a ripple effect, a little from each of us can go a long way when it comes to helping the world out. So, the place where we can start making change is the one we know best – our homes. By using sustainable practices while designing and decorating your house in Mallorca you will improve your carbon footprint as well as your health and well-being.

Once you make the decision to use sustainable practices while designing your interior you’ll understand how wonderful it can be to commit to a sustainable lifestyle. We share few our top secrets on environmentally friendly interior design ideas.

Make Your House Greener In Mallorca

Keeping warm

One of the smartest ways to improve your home’s environmentally-friendliness is to ensure that you use as little energy as possible. Investing in insulation is a great way to do this as helps hold in the heat, meaning you don’t need to burn energy reheating the home all of the time.

There are plenty of places that can and should be insulated including within the walls and in the roof. It can also be smart to consider double glazing any windows that don’t already have it. Area rugs are also a cost-effective and stylish way to help insulate your home and prevent air from slipping out through the cracks in your floors.

Finding the perfect temperature

We all want a warm home and turning down the thermostat by just a couple of degrees can save a huge amount of emissions. Try to keep the temperature to no higher than 18°C. Remember, technology has come a long way so there are now greener ways to enjoy your home and save some dough. From smart ACs to motion sensors that turn lights on and off, there are plenty of ways to keep the cost down and contribute to a sustainable home in Mallorca.

Let there be light

Lighting can do wonders to making your house in Mallorca greener. If you’re lucky enough to be at the stage of designing the layout of your home, try to have the living rooms and kitchen face south as thats where there is more sun. Pay attention to your window space to reduce air leakage and rely on natural light whenever you can. By securing the insulation of your windows you can also free them of heavy blinds or curtains, taking full advantage of natural sunlight

If you want to go one step further, incorporating solar panels into your home is a great way to make your home in Mallorca greener as reduces your carbon footprint and completely cuts down your utility bills. Photovoltaic solar panels are getting cheaper and more efficient, so do contemplate making the switch.

Putting nature first

Construction materials are the top priority in building an eco-friendly house, and it doesn’t get any better than sustainably sourced wood. It is not only a renewable source but has minimal carbon emissions. Add to that its fantastic load-bearing capacity, excellent moisture insulation and amazing acoustic qualities.

It’s in the details

Opting for furniture that makes a difference. Whether it’s upcycled or made of earth-friendly materials it means that your health and home will reap the benefits. As far as furniture goes, solid wood, such as walnut, oak, or maple last longer and are proven to be more durable.

Choose natural textiles for rugs and carpets. Materials like wool or cotton are much better than the synthetics that you can find in many furniture stores. Make sure that you are selecting curtains and other textiles that are made from organic or recycled materials.

Get serious about water 

When we consider the word ‘sustainability’ we often consider that it only relates to energy consumption. But being truly eco-friendly means taking a holistic approach, so you will need to get serious about saving water. Firstly, take the time to fix any leaks.

Even if there are no leaks there are plenty of lifestyle changes you can make to save water, like making sure you don’t run the tap when you brush your teeth. It’s also a good idea to install a low-flow shower-head in your bathroom in Mallorca. Research has shown that these can save up to 160,000 litres of water for a family of four!

Breathe easy

Plants help to filter out harmful chemicals in the air and is definitely one of the easiest things you can do to make your house in Mallorca greener. They also offer natural beauty and bring a freshness to any space. There are a plethora of low-maintenance plants that anyone can care for. Think about mint or pine to evoke a comforting ambience or plants such as bamboo that improve air quality.

By adding native plants and trees to your garden in Mallorca you allow less water to be used for irrigation. While this means less maintenance, it also means less use of nature’s resources. Plus, native plants typically don’t need harmful fertilisers or pesticides.

To protect the environment, as well as keep the garden lush and lively, you can also create a rain garden. By teaming up with a landscape designer you will be able to channel the rain water and runoff from gutters into a space rooted deeply into the earth that flourishes native plants.

Talk to an expert

Every home is different and there’s usually a great deal that a homeowner can do to improve the green credentials of their property in Mallorca. Your best bet is to speak to our team at Paul Robinson Renovation and Construction where we will be able to provide you with ideas for how best to make the changes to your home.