Modern Apartment in Palma de Mallorca

The new interior design of this modern apartment in Palma de Mallorca was a wonderful opportunity to work with a uniquely beautiful space. The project was led by a team of experienced and highly specialised individuals. Interior Designer Ingrid Batcup BIID, Architect Mike Batcup RIBA and Mallorca based Constructor Paul Robinson.

With a yearning to enhance the property’s space, a host of interior design practices were implemented into the home. Here, there was freedom to play with light, colours and materials to create an elegant and inviting style. The project was focused upon bringing warmth. Also create an atmosphere touched with sophistication, with a considered choice of furnishings in the design.

A host of designer furnishings has provided a unique aesthetic to the interior design. The beauty of the home can be found in its details. The new interior design allowed an impeccable harmony within the space. As well as Romo fabrics used in the curtains and voiles, a designer desk and sofa was sourced from the collection of Andrew Martin. To further complement the home, accessories, lights and mirrors from the luxury wholesaler of Eichholtz was added to bring a unique and elegant style.


An earthy colour palette was selected for the new interior design with the addition of warm accents, as well as the use of wood and stone. In addition to bringing an ambience filled with warmth, the use of these materials has complemented the home with an environmentally conscious approach. The addition of wood for the furnishings have brought warmth to the modern interiors, contrasting perfectly against its surrounding elements.

Exuding a classic and opulent quality, it is nearly impossible to resist the welcoming qualities of the materials used in the new interior design. Its implementation has transformed the home into a setting of chic sophistication, allowing each room to become more decadent. The gorgeous floors at the apartment have anchored the entire space, adding warmth and an austere elegance to each of the rooms, whilst also synchronising harmoniously with their surrounding walls.


The bedroom of this modern apartment in Palma de Mallorca has been exquisitely furnished. Boasting a luxurious and opulent interior design, transporting guests to a relaxed and warming space that exudes elegance. Gold hues bring a decadent touch to the ambience, with Liang & Eimil bedside cabinets and a beautiful mirror from Zeus Noto perfectly complementing the room. Beautiful Casamance wallpapers have been applied in the room for the finishing touch to create a high-end aesthetic to the space.

The bathroom is a true treasure of the apartment, with gorgeous marbled walls bringing straight lines and a minimalistic aesthetic to the room. Bathroom fittings from Lusso stone was selected, transforming the bathroom into an exquisitely designed space. Drench showers and bespoke shower screens bring a classic touch, with the renowned Roca brand being used for the bathroom’s sanitary wear and furniture.


The living area opens up to a beautifully curated terrace, with its large window door being a focal point to the home. With a considered use of space and furnishings around it, the window floods the room with light and achieves connectivity to its authentic Mallorcan surroundings.


Lighting was a strong focus for the project, positively impacting the ambience of the overall perceived size of a space. The considered implementation of lights and lamps from the exquisite Eichholtz collection has not only enhanced the colours used throughout the décor, but created a wonderful illumination by delivering light to different areas of the home.

The project incorporated a full study, where detailed drawings were prepared. This formed a vital part of the presentation for both the client and team, illustrating the future of the project from every aspect of the design. Once the project was underway, there was a meticulous management and supervision of the construction from Paul Robinson to meet the satisfaction of the client, where the specific drawings from Architect Mike Batcup have become a true reality.

The apartment renovation in Palma de Mallorca was a great success, with the new interior design focused on the flow of space and intricate details in a truly organic environment. The architecture and construction was the foundation for enhancing the existing space, creating a canvas that the interior design could work on and complement beautifully.

What makes Palma de Mallorca such an appealing choice for property investment?

The demand for high-quality accommodations is consistently rising, making it a prime location for real estate ventures. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the tourism boom or create a personal oasis, Palma de Mallorca’s unique charm and investment potential make it an attractive choice for property ventures.