Luxury Townhouse in Palma de Mallorca

Located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, this authentic townhouse building is being redeveloped into a luxury family house consisting of five bedrooms, with a gym, pool, and cinema and a penthouse.


The property has been built in a sustainable and energy efficient way. Yet another characteristic is the use of high quality materials. Paul and Noemi ensure that this family home has all the features one would expect in a luxury property, including its own home cinema and gym.


This self new development has been built using sustainable practices to ensure that it is a home that thrives on being truly energy efficient. There are many star features, Paul and Noemi worked on this project with mind and soul to create the perfect sanctuary in the city. Therefore, their design includes an incredible double height ceilings which allow the property to be filled with natural light. Uniquely the stylish property boasts expansive outdoor space with a patio and several large terraces.


The interior design of this townhouse is spectacular. To ensure the utter most level of comfort for its inhabitants, they used well selected materials and luxurious furnishings to ensure . Further enhancing the property’s appeal as well as providing durability and the finest aesthetic, wood and natural stone were selected as the preferred materials in this construction.


This luxury townhouse in Palma de Mallorca has a spacious patio and several terraces that are perfect to entertain guests. In addition, Paul Robinson team also designed and created a show stopping swimming pool, perfect to take a dip in during a warm summer’s day.

What makes Palma de Mallorca such an appealing choice for property investment?

The demand for high-quality accommodations is consistently rising, making it a prime location for real estate ventures. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the tourism boom or create a personal oasis, Palma de Mallorca’s unique charm and investment potential make it an attractive choice for property ventures.