Casa Mar, Port Adriano, Mallorca

When first approached to consult on CASA MAR, the clients had been presented with an opportunity to build a prefabricated house but were undecided as they had not been impressed with others that they had seen. After several visits and discussions, the decision was taken to follow a conventional build – which was commissioned to Jaime Salvà.

The house is of generous proportions, including a full footprint basement and the plot has been used to the maximum which made the structure a particular challenge. We used specialized shuttering solutions which could be moved into place manually, therefore the need for cranes and other machinery was unnecessary.

Casa Mar Architecture

The property design brief was for a house which would allow working from home in comfortable, calm, clean and modern surroundings. This was achieved by creating spaces that flow without obstructions right from the moment you walk in – to the rear part of the house where the glazing can be fully opened creating a meeting of interior and exterior.

Casa Mar Interior Design

When we were asked to consult on the interior design, we bought in one of our specialists to advise on color schemes to be used throughout the house. It was of utmost importance to the client that the different elements flowed and created a harmonious feeling throughout as opposed to separate themes.
This was created by using tiles from Porcelanosa and other local suppliers, which were bought to life by several Farrow and Ball color schemes. Without a doubt a centerpiece for this house is the striking minimalist Black steel and Oak staircase. Selective use of built-in low-level lighting enhances the character of this space whilst tasteful art catches the eye.

Project Management

Communication with the client was of great importance as the house took on new direction from time to time to meet changing needs. This was handled by our project management service, which meant scheduling distance meetings when convenient to the client. As career individuals creating the least stress possible for them was high on our list, a relationship developed to the point where we were often asked to make critical decisions when needed in their absence.

Bespoke details

What makes Port Adriano such an appealing choice for property investment?

Investing in property, building, or renovating in Port Adriano is a strategic choice. This upscale marina and residential area in Mallorca offers a prime location with stunning sea views, luxurious amenities, and a thriving community. Its popularity among high-end travelers, yacht enthusiasts, and discerning homeowners ensures strong rental potential and property value appreciation. With its Mediterranean charm, proximity to leisure facilities, and exclusive atmosphere, Port Adriano presents a unique opportunity for lucrative returns and an exceptional lifestyle.